Danielle's Work Dress

Reference Images

Here are the images of this costume that I found online. Some of them came fromThe Realm, Drew-Barrymore.org, Rivendell Designs, http://www.moviecostumes.com/, and Lecourtisane's Ever After site.

Costume Analysis & Making of Hints

Danielle wears this gown for a great deal of the movie. It appears to be a deep green or dark teal color, possible a linen, maybe a wool. Suzanne notes that "...the image of Danielle picking up the apples also shows that the back of the skirt at least is box pleated."

From some of the pictures, we can see that it has several parts:

  • A white long-sleeved chemise with a drawstring scoop neck.

  • A separate green under-bodice top (see this picture) that stops below the bust, and appears to lace up the sides (see this pic)
    The underbodice appears to have a diamondshaped pattern.
  • A gown that laces up the front that goes over the under-bodice. The bodice of the gown has gold trim on it. It's unclear from the photos how the bodice attaches to the skirt in front. I'd have to watch the movie again and study it.

  • Gauntlets that cover the forearm and the upper arm and are tied to each other with string, and attached to the gown with string (see this pic and this pic). They are also tied at the wrist.
Here is a John William Waterhouse painting that may have inspired this costume! It is called The Flower Picker.
This image, from http://www.cosprop.co.uk/, shows the art that looks to have inspired the work gown, and some swatches from the blue library gown!

One pattern suggestion was Simplicity 7756. It would have to be adapted though.


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