The "Princess" Dress

Reference Images

Here are the images of this costume that I found online. Some of them came fromThe Realm,, Rivendell Designs,, and Lecourtisane's Ever After site.

Costume Analysis & Making of Hints

This gown has several parts. There is a brocade overdress that goes into a deep V in the front and possibly the back. It is split up the sides. A gold belt holds it together. The neck has gold trim on it. Under it is a deep wine colored velvet gown that has a white V shaped insert in the front. A white chemise (probably faked peacks out at the neckline and at the shoulders. The gauntlets are velvet and have gold trim on them in a diamond pattern. They are tied onto the gown with maroon cord. Cords attached to what appears to be buttons hold the gauntlet together at the back of the arm, and the elbow sticks out. The undersleeve fabric appears to be crinkled. This gown, like the Wine Velvet Ruins gown is less empire waisted than some of the others. Danielle wears a gold and ruby pendant which almost appears to be sewn to the shoulders of the gown, as you can't see the chain around her neck.

This image from shows fabric swatches for the costume! There is a dark red velvet, and a gold and red brocade for the overdress. Also, gold cord and trim.

Someone on the Ever After yahoo group did some research and figured out the inspiration art from the Cosprop site. It's a fresco called "Visitation" and it's by Domenico Ghirlandaio, from 1486-1490. The costume looks very much like Danielle's.

The woman in the painting is thought to be Giovanna Tornabuoni - and here is another painting of her - nice and big! And wow, does it look like the Princess gown!

I would try some of the standard commercial Renaissance type patterns and modify it.
McCall 2806

This pattern makes looks like it could be modified to make the brocade overdress. If this pattern is out of print, you might try looking on ebay. Simplicity has a few other similar patterns out that might work. Check here.

Other pattern suggestions: Here is one alternative to commercial patterns that may work for Ever After/Italian Renaissance style gowns:

Amy let me know that was making her a repro of the necklace worn with this costume for a reasonable price. You might want to inquire.


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